Mulch Installation

Soil Rich, Weed Free Lawn Beds

Mulching in landscaped beds is a must for healthy plants and a weed and pest free zone. To have natural weed free beds mulch must be installed. We clean all debris from beds and then add mulch up to 4 inches thick to maintain a weed free bed. Installation is as easy as selecting which mulch you want, agreeing to the price and then at your next scheduled appointment it will be installed for you to enjoy.

Fine Mulch

Great for fast composting for flowers. Needs replenishment most.

Mini Nuggets

Also used for flowers and small plants and bushes that need nutrients less often. Needs replenishment less often as fine mulch. A great all around mulch.


Large Nuggets

Great for front of the house beds since it lasts the longest.

For all fine mulch we use hardwood mulches so they don’t wash away like pine mulch would.

Using pine bark versus hardwood keeps the price down. All our mulch is organic natural bark only.

Large pine bark nuggets are great for all medium to large bushes that you fertilizer on their own. Ask about our three month tree, bushes and plant fertilization programs.

Bonus for Our Customers

We will maintain your landscape beds for free with our visits. We will also get that overgrown bed back in shape, so it can be maintained as well. Contact us and lets get your Keep It Green lawn care services started.

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