Annual Services

Annual Services Includes:

Trust Keep It Green to get your lawn looking its best, because we take a great deal of pride in the quality of our work. We understand what complete customer satisfaction means. We also offer lawn maintenance services, including:


Tree Pruning

By pruning your trees you are allowing the nutrients to reach the top and the sun to reach the entire tree which keeps your trees healthy and beautiful.


Hedge Trimming

Regular trimming of the hedges not only enhances your yards appearance, but also helps to maintain the health of your plants.


Mulch Installation

Mulching in landscaped beds is a must for healthy plants and a weed and pest free zone.  Installation is as easy as selecting which mulch you want, agreeing to the


Core Aeration

Aeration and overseeding is a critical step in maintaining a beautiful, thick, weed-free lawn.


Leaf Removal

Leaves are every homeowners nightmare to rake up, especially with the temperatures dropping and the Holidays approaching.

lawn seeding

Lawn Seeding

Fall conditions are ideal for germinating cool-season grass seed. Overseeding thin lawns pays off with thick, strong, spring grass. Overseed at least 45 days before anticipated frost, so grass gets

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