Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and Overseeding Includes:

Core aeration and overseeding is required to maintain a fescue lawn. Fescue does not spread so bare areas must be reseeded. All lawns must be overseeded to maintain a weed free lawn.

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Additional Services

The following services are also available at anytime upon request.


Hedge Trimming

Regular trimming of the hedges not only enhances your yards appearance, but also helps to maintain the health of your plants.


Mulch Installation

Mulching in landscaped beds is a must for healthy plants and a weed and pest free zone.  Installation is as easy as selecting which mulch you want, agreeing to the price and then at your next scheduled appointment it will be installed for you to enjoy.


Leaf Removal

Leaves are every homeowners nightmare to rake up, especially with the temperatures dropping and the Holidays approaching.

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