About Us

Our Mission

To be the best complete lawn care provider in Highland Creek and surrounding areas.  Everything we do, we do with perfection and our lawn care services are no different.  We have invested in the best lawn mower, a Toro Titan HD, available.  The Toro Titan HD offers the best cut for residential properties.  All our other tools (String trimmer, Hedge trimmer, Pole saw, Blower) are all 56v battery operated.  Our noise levels are very low, in fact, your kitchen blender is louder than our blower.

We want to be able to offer fertilization and weed control programs in the future, but until we find the best organic, non-pesticide, herbicide product available, we cannot offer these services. During 2019, we will be testing these products to find the best, non-toxic solution available.

Our Commitment

We hope you enjoy our services and commitment in providing you with the best possible lawn care services possible. If there is anything you ever need or would like please ask, our commitment is to our customers and their lawns.


What Our Customers Say